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Details of pricing for the new Z4 have been released for the North American market, and they’ve risen substantially over the previous model.

Oddly enough, the new pricing structure puts the Z4 on level ground with the Porsche Boxster, which BMW claims isn’t a competitor.

In the US, the BMW Z4 comes in three versions: Z4 sDriveis, Z4 sDrive35i, and Z4 sDrive30i. The sDriver30i depends on a 3.0L inline 6-cylinder powerplant that gives out 255 horsepower. This will change next year with the BMW Z4 getting a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine to replace the six-cylinder powerplant. Insiders say that the new engine will deliver the same power as the old engine. The BMW 328i is also getting this 4-cylinder engine.

The German carmaker is not implementing major changes for the Z4′s interior and exterior. However, there are some rumors that it will borrow some elements from the CS Concept unveiled back in 2007.

The entry level Z4 will have a 4-cylinder heart giving out 255 horsepower for its 2012 upgrade but the output is expected to be pegged still at 255 horsepwoer. The sDrive35i will still depend on the inline six-cylinder powerplant with an output of 300 horsepwoer. Top speed will still be at 155 mph.

The 2012 Z4 is expected to debut before the end of the year but sales will start on the first quarter of 2012. The current model has a sticker price of $46,500 for the entry level Z4 and we can expect the 4-cylinder BMW Z4 next year to have a cheaper tag price.

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BMW 535i Gran Turismo

In May 2009, BMW released the official pictures of its production model 5 Series Gran Turismo (BMW F07), which is considered a coupé-like crossover vehicle or station wagon – a blend of different typical body styles. BMW advertises the new 5 Series GT as “The First of its Kind”. The GT is taller than other fastback competitors.

The F07 Gran Turismo (designed by Christopher Weil) shares the same F01 7 Series-derived platform, powertrain, mechanical package, and dashboard with the F10. However the F07′s fascia has different headlights and bumper, with a larger split-kidney grille similar to that of the F01 7 Series. The F07 also has a taller height resulting in a higher center of gravity, its longer length allows for more rear legroom, the rear passenger accommodation has optional “Executive” bucket seats for two instead of the three-seat bench, and it weights 400 pounds heavier compared to the F10. The F07 also features frame-less doors and a double-pane liftgate truck.

The 5 Series GT is powered by a single-turbo diesel I6 producing 245 PS, by a single-turbo I6 producing 306 PS and a twin-turbo V8 producing 408 PS; the latter will give the car a 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds. This is the first BMW to receive the new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, along with a new Brake Energy Regeneration system.

BMW has suggested that the new 5 Series GT would replace the 5 Series Touring (wagon) in their North American lineup, due to slow sales of the E61 wagon in the United States, with only 400 sold in 2009. In that country, more BMW M5 and Z8s have been sold than the 535i and 540i wagons, respectively. BMW is targeting annual sales of 4000 to 8000 5 Series GTs.


30th June 2011

BMW had a Cirque du Soleil wannabe hanging upside down from a curtain to pull the sheets off of the 2010 BMW Z4 at the Detroit Auto Show. The Z4 is the third generation of BMW’s small roadster since the original Z3 debuted in the mid-90s. This time around, the company is moving production from South Carolina to Europe to make room for the next gen X3 at Spartanburg. The new Z4 gets a retractable hardtop in place of the soft top, and with only two seats to cover, the proportions don’t look as goofy as other hard top convertibles.

BMW Z4 2011

14th January 2011

According to the plan HAMANN aerodynamics components of high-quality craftsmanship with an impressive body design air flow, design optimization of the car, and professionals replaced the front spoiler on the front axle production chain with the development of the home two days that features integrated LED lamps. Your side skirts between the front and rear with impressive design concept compelling, and Z4 and revealed a low and long. Reduced leverage on the rear axle, which is an important technical development, which sees a beautiful spoiler mounted on the back door. New back yard is complete, the emergence of an impressive public space and makes the four tailpipes are responsible for voice hoarse from the Hamann sport emission system.

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2010 BMW Z4 power

3rd January 2011

Cadillac today announced the 2011 CTS-V Coupe, which debuts at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It combines the new CTS Coupe`s dramatic design with the 556-horsepower (415-kW) supercharged V-8 engine from the CTS-V sedan. The result is a luxury sports coupe aimed at driving enthusiasts.

“The CTS-V Coupe marries our most potent and sophisticated technology with our most dramatic production design,” said Bryan Nesbitt, Cadillac general manager. “This combination of visual and technical attributes is designed to create a very compelling choice for luxury sports car consumers.”

The CTS-V Coupe begins production this summer. Its suite of technical and performance elements includes Magnetic Ride Control, racing-bred Brembo brakes and an available automatic transmission with paddle-shift control.

The V-Series Coupe includes a unique grille that doubles the car`s air intake volume, an important enabler for its high-performance capabilities. It is also visually identified by a raised center section of the hood that provides clearance for the supercharger, as well as specific front and rear fascias. Like the CTS Coupe, its exhaust is centered inside the rear fascia, but with unique twin outlets. The car rolls on 19-inch cast aluminum wheels, available in either painted or polished finishes, and Michelin Pilot Sport 2 performance tires.

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The exciting new car for her first date, and is now confirmed that this should be an exciting meeting full of real driving experience.
BMW Z4 Coupé is setting out to friends and amateur two-seater sports car is a unique experience on the road. Right
From the beginning, the BMW Z4 Coupe concept car at Frankfurt Motor Show 2005 successfully raised the Emotions, feelings of desire, and desires to become a reality expectations.Now major production model, offering features the first mile. It is designed Coupé beginning of a new BMW sports car at the highest level, hatkanshvum body weight optimization, the chassis and suspension superior in every case, as well as 195 hp kW/265 energy units, respectively, six and set the standard in all parts of the world in his class. In particular, however, BMW Z4 Coupe offers a higher harmony style, concepts, technologies, and vehicle performance impressively confirms the expectations raised since the beginning of strong lines and elegant design.

Whether the transfer of more power and performance is the creation of a new six-piston driving the dynamics of the pure, ultra-modern structure and suspension. The more agility and intelligent behavior for all, and the structure of the body is strong and light but important contribution. That this part of the two-seater sports car, BMW Z4 Coupe ideal qualities of life are of great interest for this type of a car.

Pure and authentic – the design of the BMW Z4 Coupe:

New BMW Z4 Coupe looks just active and dynamic right from the beginning. With classic coupe silhouette and «Hofmeister kick” on the rear side windows so typical of the brand, and this two-seater stands out from the beginning, and BMW sport really. Line flow moving roof clear center of gravity of the vehicle rear, right above the rear axle. More then reinforces this impression of a concave curve half of the ceiling, and all elements of vehicle design to provide strong interaction, which is moving forward dynamic Trend new coupe looks low, dynamic and fast.

Concentrate on what is important to Internal Affairs.

Clear forms and designs, interior, and sports and exceptional communication, at the same time, featuring a wide range of equipment and materials, high-quality, accurate color matching. Driver offers individual choice, BMW Z4 Coupe is available for at least ten colors of paint and non-metallic minerals and eight interior colors, options in each field of leather or comment on leather, as well as five decorative trim versions.

Award-winning 3.0-liter unit.

And won the 3.0-liter six-piston features a BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe engine for the award several times. Maximum effect 195 bhp at 6600 kW/265 rpm with torque peaking at Nm/232 315 lb-ft consistently all the way up to 2,500 4.000 rpm. At the same time the engine naturally complies with the full with the EU4 and ULEV II emission standards.

This innovative unit of energy groups in different parts of the world standard in terms of culture, cars, came out of a liter, and the power to weight and specific fuel consumption. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, with acceleration of the car 80 to 120 km / h or 50-75 mph in fourth gear in 5.2 seconds. Top speed is cut
Off e at 250 km / h or 155 h; Despite this impressive performance, however, BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0si makes do only 8.6 liters of premium plus/100 km EU test cycle equivalent to 32,8 mpg imp.

Car audio features much less reserved than the fuel consumption, engine sound and clearly reveals a focus on high production and performance: the BMW Z4 Coupe offers the driver and passenger experience of true authenticity full of power, sporting character, and superior style. This also includes a model that even a small but essential “roughness” to vote for high performance engine.

Six gears, or with manual gearshift or automatic,

BMW Z4 Coupe also comes standard with six-speed gearbox combining short gearshift Manual for travel and the minute movement of the shift lever operating forces remaining smooth and consistent at all times. Sport automatic transmission is optional on the contrary, it provides a true sports car with a high sense of comfort and entertainment in cars, paddles on the steering wheel that allows the driver to move the gears manually, when he wants….

2010 BMW Z4 GT3, the German version of the car and engine in the BMW M3, and only experts.

IS GT3 2010 BMW Z4 to hide under the guise of car 4.0 liter V8 engine of the BMW M3, but because they are under the control of the Department of Motor 480 hp. Essentially the same engine in the BMW M3 GT2, as in sync with the six-speed sequential transmission. In any case, not even dreamed of pursuing the car without the race card and driver’s license without the FIA on the ground, which is built on this particular model GT3 category.

We do not know exactly how it will look in detail specifications, or even now, in a press release, which is the only ECU 408 and 400 and power unit, follow the vibration of the motor racing. Also says that air conditioning is optional, and that prices will only € 298,000, including taxes (about $ 426,000). Current State special teams.

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BMW Z4 2011 Roadster

30th December 2010

Measuring 8.8 inches in size and high accuracy to control the display with 1280 × 480 pixels provides excellent clarity in the graphs show or website. Figure observers appear to control the supply of drivers to show more obvious choice for the next stage in the process of making shoes.

Using the navigation system is easy, thanks to iDrive. Full screen map, for example, gives a detailed picture of what is measured in the room where drivers travel at this time. Alternative inventory control also provides a window to provide additional help and shed light card independent of the main card.

With the navigation data is stored in 80 GB hard drive installed in the vehicle and the arrival times faster than before. And maybe at the same time the hard disk can be used as a backup 15 GB of music. Send a private car facility with leather and climate

A reflector technology.

Equipped 2009 BMW Z4 according to a new standard for air conditioning and fans of the seven levels. Optional automatic climate control allows separate temperature selection, individual driver and passenger, automatic temperature control and five levels of intensity and changes in the stratification of the air. With an open roof, automatic climate control does not include conversion.

Like BMW conversions and new car leather covers the reflector technology. Especially, a very innovative type of leather seats and interior panels and steering wheel, which significantly reduces the effect of heat, reflecting light of the sun skincare technology works in a special color pigments reflect sunlight infrared radiation plan.

Top-end audio and communications systems.

Set the audio system is ready for a new BMW Z4 standards for each sector. CD player installation of equipment also function as a series regular to play MP3 music files. Installation of the system Hi-Fi up to 14 speakers and two additional voting experience an intense smile and correct the output to 650 watt amplifier. Standard conditions developed port, which allows integration of different MP3 player of Foreign Affairs. CD 6 – CD / DVD changer in the drawers are also available.

Bluetooth interface in conjunction with the BMW Assist does not always provide security and greater convenience to make calls while driving. For the full integration of the latest phone with the Smart Car, BMW Z4, the new combination comes with a selection of Smart Phone.

New production plants: BMW car from Regensburg.

Built in 2009, the BMW Z4 series BMW Regensburg plant, and (3) the BMW 1. This is because the BMW Spartanburg plant, where they built the previous model is the focus of attention: From now on, the production of BMW X.

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According to a report by iMotor, the financial downturn has claimed its latest victim: the BMW Z4 M. A BMW spokesperson told the pub that “Given the current economic crisis there is no business case for a full-on M version of the Z4.” Although that’s bad news for enthusiasts, there might be a silver lining. Coinciding with an earlier story, BMW may begin offering software upgrades for models fitted with the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. The remapped ECU would increase output by around 20 horsepower (for a net of 326 hp) and a slight bump in torque, and will almost certainly be offered on the new Z4.

There’s also talk of a M Sport package for the 135i that would include a new body kit, larger wheels, a retuned suspension and an M-branded steering wheel.

While we’re disappointed about the still-born Z4 M, the obvious question is why is BMW developing M models of the X5 and X6? According to the same source, both of the hotted-up CUVs were signed off before the auto market tanked.